Your day starts with a rich Slovenian breakfast, waiting for you at our wooden table. Local fruits as well as homemade butter, jams and honey will be waiting alongside locally produced salamis and cheeses. A freshly baked bread from Na škaluc will not be missing. We will offer you a choice of fresh milk, biological apple juice from our own orchard and herbal or fruit teas, just like the ones that the monks from Jurklošter monastery have been preparing in the past.

Throughout the day, Na škaluc home specialties will be served and typical dishes of Kozjansko region will be available for you to taste at a nearby agrotourism. Should you wish, an outdoor grill will be prepared and some high quality meat roasted only for you.

If you decide to stay with us for a different and unique culinary experience, we will be happy to guide you through on paths of Slovenian gastronomy by taking you to the Castle of Laško for a royal dinner or have one of their world-renowned chefs come to Na škaluc and cook only for you.







Trobni Dol 33,
3271 Šentrupert,

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